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Myth America #4: ET Phone Home


Welcome to the "High Strange" world of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, where bumper stickers read "Keep Santa Fe Different" and I recently saw a  green Roswell alien painted on a UHaul truck. Maybe it's the altitude here (a rarified 7,000 feet above sea level), or the vast desert expanses that serve as a blank canvas for the sensory deprived.


Roswell Coke      UFO Theatre


Maybe it's the proximity to Roswell, New Mexico, where a UFO containing aliens supposedly crashed in 1947, and the government covered it up. You decide:




Maybe it's something more spiritual, if you will, this longing humans have to not be alone in the universe, to be able to reach out and touch. . . creation, eternity, god/goddess/all that is.


Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam (Sistine Chapel; Michaelangelo)


ET Phone Home

ET Phone Home


Being in Touch

"Being in Touch" (mural in Roswell, NM)


Coincidence????? I don't think so.



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