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Another dichotomy/duality that we humans suffer from is the artificial East/West split. I grew up in the 60s when things "Eastern" were all the rage, holding out the promise of exotic and romantic spiritual life far from the bourgeois humdrum of the Western materialistic world.



While I was on pilgrimage to Nepal and Tibet in 2007, Lama Wangdu imparted his fears to us that the real threat to Buddhist spirituality in Nepal was the onslaught of Western materialism that the Nepali youth were embracing whole heartedly. Maybe it's the grass-is-always-greener mindset that causes our restless seeking of something different than what we have. And so, in search of elusive happiness, the baby is thrown out with the bathwater.
Have we forgotten that the earth is round, and if you travel far enough to the East you will come to the West. And vice versa. It's all a continuum and wherever you are is neither East nor West but the center, the middle, the ongoing now.


My neighbors to the East
have forsythia blooming.

To the West,

My own yard is bare.

Will East and West ever meet?



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Deb said...
I have no doubt that the flowers will be blooming in your yard in the seasons to come. Perhaps some of each of these beauties will meet in the middle. Here in my yard, there are large bushes full of gardenia blossoms. Early mornings are particularly fragrant. I share them with my friend the cardinal named Skip. So much beauty here. And now the aversion~man it is hottt!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even summer. I do miss that clear clean fresh cool mountain air!
May 28, 2012 09:12:15
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