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Hello out there! & welcome. My name is Susan Blake Walton. My friends call me Blake, which is a family name from my father's side of the family. My family - bless their hearts - still call me Susie. I prefer Blake by a long shot.


Here is how I looked in 2006 while I was in the process of deconstructing my ego attachment in a yurt at a Buddhist retreat center in Colorado. That's another whole story.


Me in the yurt at Tara Mandala Retreat Center        Self Portrait 


I was born in 1949, officially making me a "Boomer".  My Dharma name in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition that I have practiced for many years is "Rinchen Rabsal", which roughly translates as "Luminous Jewel"; hence the genesis of my blog name.


To tell the truth, I have hardly ever even read a blog much less written one. Launching this blog with this first entry, I am struggling with my personal shyness, my Buddhist philosophical concept of non-attachment to self, and my '60s political opinionation that blogs are self-centered and bourgeois, heaven forbid. However, my '70s First Wave feminism -- that the personal is political-- is winning out.  As is my need to ruminate, strategize, philosophize, and fantasize about how to integrate Buddhist principles into this oh-so-samsaric life in 2008 in the US of A. (Note: All of this paragraph is what we call "apron wringing" in my writing group; i.e. profusely apologizing in advance, so get on with it already.)


It's not like I haven't lived on the far left periphery of the mainstream for most of my life, being a self-professed artist by age five, a political radical, a non-Christian spiritual seeker, a Lesbian.  But deepening my commitment to Budhism by moving in 2005 to a remote and rustic Buddhist retreat center and then going on a month-long pilgrimage to Tibet in 2007, really pulled the rug out from under me.


That's what I want to explore in this blog. Welcome to the journey.